Distinction World

Distinction World is all about bringing you the best and original places of distinction to stay whether they be resorts or hotels around the world. Wherever you travel, you want to make the most of it. Depending on where you choose to stay has an impact on your overall experience. Traveling to a new place to explore its hidden wonders and to enjoy something completely different from your own territory, is a great way to broaden your knowledge and open your mind to new possibilities and adventures.

After a day of sight seeing, shopping, learning some of the local but unfamiliar language, you want to return to a haven that's peaceful, beautiful and allows you to reflect on your day. You want to go to a place that carries the essence of the country which you choose to bask yourself in. Distinction World understands the importance of this and has strived to choose the best resorts and hotels to ensure your stay completely fulfills your needs.

For Hotels of Distinction in England

Sharrow Bay Hotel

Wintering Fields

Wood Norton Hall

Wordsworth Hotel